V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors

V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors
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If you work with electricity, you know that voltage is everything. That’s why you need a V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector. This easy-to-use tool will help you stay safe by alerting you to the presence of voltage so you can avoid potential hazards.

V-Watch Personal Voltage Detectors – It can save your life. It’s that simple.


Worn on the outside of your clothing at mid-torso, the V-Watch® provides that extra level of safety by detecting and alerting you to the presence of electric fields or energized electrical equipment surrounding high voltage electrical systems. In emergencies, crews can move in safety to quickly restore power. It is available in two versions – Standard and Pro. The Pro version allows comes with a mute feature. Each model comes in a tough nylon carrying case lanyard that is worn around the neck during use.

There are two versions of the C-10 Carrying Case Lanyard available. The C-10 Carrying Case Lanyard is made with a black shielded material. The NEW C-10FR Carrying Case Lanyard is made with a high-visibility safety green material that is shielded with the added benefit of an outer layer of flame resistant material.

V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector Features

  • Alerts workers to the proximity of high voltage
  • Audible and visual alarms increase in frequency the closer the worker gets to the high voltage source
  • Typical initial warning distance is about 7 feet (2.13m) from a 4kVAC conductor
  • Warning distance increases with higher voltages
  • Provides another level of awareness and safety protection for storm restoration workers and first responders
  • Low battery indicator
  • Field replaceable 9V battery
  • Rugged protective housing
  • Built-in self test
  • Lightweight
  • Carrying case lanyard
  • Two versions available – can be used with any V-Watch models, old or new
  • New C-10FR carrying case lanyward – high-visibility safety green shielded material with an outer layer of flame resistant material
  • C-10 carrying case lanyard – black shielded material
  • Electrically shielded
  • Storage case when the V-Watch is not in use
  • Lanyard allows user to adjust to optimum mid-torso position
  • V-Watch Personal Voltage Detector Specifications

    • Sensitivity: Factory Set at 50/60 Hertz sensing threshold
      (first beep). The V-Watch will only detect AC voltage.
      Do not use below 2400 Volts line-to-ground.
    • Typical Warning Distance: About 7 feet (2.13 m.) from a
      4kV (2.4kV line-to-ground) AC conductor.
    • Operating Temperature: -20˚ to +120˚F (-29˚ to 49˚C)
    • Operating Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    • Battery: 9V alkaline 1604A, IEC 6LR61. Life is 2 years
      in storage, 1 year typical usage.
    • Beeper Sound Pressure Level: 100 decibels
    • Water Withstand: Protected from falling rain per IEC-529,
      Level 2
    • Weight (with battery): 5.2 oz. (147 g.)
    • Dimensions: 3.5” x 2.88” x 1.25” (8.89 cm. x 7.32 cm. x 3.18 cm.)
    • Voltage Range: 2400VAC line-to-ground and above

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