Substation Courses

Substation Courses

EA Technology designed a wide spectrum of Substation Courses based on their extensive experience to ensure that the trainings delivered are complying with the latest standards and the market demand. All EA Technology courses are carried out at their UK training centre.

Choose from these Substation Courses:

Transformers for Power Systems

9-10 September

Insulating Oil Handling & Analysis


Gas Insulated Switchgear and GIS Substation Essentials

11-12 September

SF6 Training

25-26 September

Substation Earthing Training

28-30 September

Partial Discharge Training

29-30 September (limited availability)

Power System Protection

Part One – 18-20 October, Part Two – 28-29 October

Substation Earthing

28-30 October

Substation Design

5-6 November

For more information on this course, or any of EA Technology’s Power Skills Centre courses, please e-mail us or call 057 866 2162 to speak to one of our team.