Survive Arc Clothing Fabric Quality

Ultra soft cotton/nylon blend

The fabric used in all of the Survive Arc clothing range is the ultra soft cotton/nylon blend. This is a premium fabric with many advantages over the synthetic / nomex modacrylics blends that other manufacturers use.

Survive Arc Clothing

Whilst both types of fabrics are flame resistant, there are many reasons why the ultra soft cotton/ nylon blend are superior to the synthetic/nomex modacrylics blends. The ultra soft cotton/nylon blend is the lowest weight on the market that meets the 8 cal/cm2 threshold as a single layer. It can reach ATPV 24.3 cal/cm2 as a single layer. The synthetic/nomex modacrylics blends have poor characteristics such as poor insulation/heat retention, thermal shrinkage/body burns, skin irritation and poor breathability. These are outlined in the table below.

Wear resistanceExcellentGood
Washability200 washes130 washes
ComfortExcellent cotton next to skinNot skin friendly
Resistance to electric arc flashExcellent HTN fibre/cotton form a “break open barrier” and the HTN increases ATPV of the fabricIt works
Length of life cycleLonger life cycleShorter life cycle
Weight v protection200 gm2 = 8.3 cal/cm2 (single layer)Heavier
Cool to wearDouble Synthetic blends, moisture wicked awayNo
Heat Attenuation FactorHigh – heat blocked out by the fabricPoor
InsulatorCotton – good in winterPoor
ShrunkFabric is double pre-shrunkn/a