Arc Flash Switching Suits

Substation Safety is committed to helping workers stay safe on the job. Our Arc Flash Switching Suits help provide protection from burns and heat generated when these unexpected incidents occur on the job, greatly reducing the risk of serious injury. When your team is wearing a switching suit from the Survive Arc© range, you can feel confident that your workers and your company are protected.

The Survive Arc© range is designed to provide unparalleled protection from the thermal effects of an arc flash. Switching suits are a simple solution for providing head-to-toe burn protection in areas where arc flashes are likely to occur because they fully cover the body.

For the body, the switching suits include a coat and bib overalls or trousers with braces as well as a protective hood that covers the head, face and neck. Add a pair of Arc Flash Gloves t and a worker is ready to perform tasks like live cable joining with a greater degree of safety.

Our of our Arc Flash Protective Clothing has been designed in accordance with both national and international safety standards. The switching suits have been triple certified and found to be in full compliance with safety standards IEC 61482-2 for the European Economic Community, NFPA 70E for the United States and SANS 724:2010 in South Africa.

As comfortable as they are effective, the arc flash safety switching suits allow workers to perform their assigned tasks with ease and be as productive and as safe as possible on the job.

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    SKU: Jacket 465501, Bib Overall 465502

    The BSD Power Arc Flash Suit is a leading performer in its application. It utilises the most modern materials available to make this two-piece suit, not only light weight and durable, but most importantly offers great comfort to the wearer. This bib & brace with jacket is designed to be worn over your AR clothing.


    SKU: 7406980

    This BSD Arc Protection HoodPower Hood allows the wearer to operate in close proximity to live parts. Due to its high CAL protection level, the hood may be used in conjunction with high energy, short circuit electrical installations.

    Not only is this hood light weight, it has a unique integrated universal helmet bracket that would fit most front brim hard hats. The visor on the hood is Clear in colour with non-colouring properties.


  • Arc Flash Switching Suit, ATPV 51 cal/cm² (Hood NON Ventilated)
    SKU: 5PJ7
    Description: Three piece arc flash switching suit, HRC 4, ATPV 51 cal/cm². Long jacket with bib and brace trousers and full hood. Metal free. ATPV rating indicated on both garments. Vented & Non-vented options available, please ...

  • CATU KIT-ARC-40 ArcFlash Protective Hood Kit
    SKU: KIT-ARC-40
    The CATU KIT-ARC-40 ArcFlash Protective Hood Kit protects against arc flash which can occur during activities such as live cable jointing, phasing in operations, racking in and out of switchgear etc. CATU KIT-ARC-40 ARCFLASH PROTECTIVE ...

  • CATU KIT-ARC-25-B ArcFlash Protective Hood Kit
    SKU: KIT-ARC-25-B
    The CATU KIT-ARC-25-B ArcFlash Protective Hood Kit protects against arc flash which can occur during activities such as live cable jointing, phasing in operations, racking in and out of switchgear etc. CATU KIT-ARC-25-B ...