Arc Flash Gloves

Arc Flash can occur without warning and result in serious injury. Burns are one of the most common risks of these sudden electrical events and can lead to permanent disability in some cases.

The hands are especially vulnerable to the intense thermal energy of an arc flash. That’s why you or your employees can not afford to be without Arc Flash Gloves where daily responsibilities involve working in high voltage areas where arc flashes are likely to occur.

Our Arc Flash Gloves are certified and made of the highest quality materia. While the protective gloves are designed to fully protect the fingers, hands and wrists from the heat of electrical discharge, they are engineered to help maintain finger dexterity. As a result, workers can still easily perform their required job duties while wearing the personal protection equipment.

Check out our range of Arc Flash PPE to limit the risk of injury due to arc flash accidents. We stock a full range & sizes of switching suits, coveralls, jackets, trousers, polos, shirts, underwear and other accessories to help you slelect the most appropriate head-to-toe protection from the threat of arc flash.

You can browse our range of arc flash gloves shown below or visit our dedicated arc flash protection website to learn more about our products. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with questions, to arrange a site visit or for pricing information.

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    SKU: 46400

    The BSD Safety Gloves, Type A, offer advanced protection against electric arc for electricians. They are ideally suited for those working on live electric installations, switching or masking operations and test work. They can be used for the insertion of isolating protective plates or the activation of NH fuses.

    Caution: These gloves have no insulating properties! Separate insulating gloves are necessary for performing live work.


  • ProGARM 2678 Glove, Anti-Static, 55.5cal/cm²
    SKU: 2678

    The ProGARM 2678 Arc Flash Gloves are high performing, Kevlar lined ultra soft leather with 100% water and wind protected lining to keep the hands both dry and warm. The ProGARM 2678 Arc Flash Gloves are Arc Rated at 55.5 cal/cm2 and offer Arc 4 Protection. The form-fit, unparalleled design promotes supreme comfort and dexterity.


  • Sofamel Sgm-50 Insulated Composite Gloves – 61.0 Cal/cm²
    SKU: SGM-50

    The Sofamel SGM-50 T10 dielectric gloves enable wearers to work in total safety without the need for over gloves. The material used allows the gloves much more dexterity despite the gloves being relatively thick. The composite outer layer offers exceptional grip in all weather conditions. The gloves also conform to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 Standards.