Arc Flash Accessories

Protect your employees from injury with Arc Flash Accessories supplied by the leading manufacturers of Arc Flash PPE. Arc Flash Accessories are items that can be taken along to the job site to make managing personal protective gear easier for employees. As an employer, providing accessories to your electrical worker team can help to ensure compliance with safety gear rules and regulations while protecting your investment in PPE. As an employee, purchasing Arc Flash Accessories can help you keep your gear safe and in good condition for as long as possible.

In this selection of Arc Flash Accessories, you’ll find drawstring bags that can be used for toting helmets, gloves, visors, balaclavas and other equipment. To tote PPE gear along with tools and other items, check out the kit bags featured in this collection.

Our inventory includes full Arc Flash Switching Suits as well as mix and match Arc Flash PPE. We supply the complete range of Arc Flash PPE including coveralls, jackets and trousers for the job site and shirts and polos that are ideal for high voltage working conditions and office workplaces alike.

We even carry protective Arc Flash Underwear and Arc Flash Gloves. For protecting the face and head, you can choose from helmets, visors and balaclavas found in our collection.

You can view our entire range of PPE solutions for electrical workers at our arc flash safety website If you’d like more information about any of the accessories shown below or require a quote on Arc Flash PPE, please email or call us 057 866 2162.

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