Sofamel VTBR-3/36, 3 to 36kV Two Pole Voltage Detector

Sofamel VTBR-3-36 Bipolar Voltage Detector
SKU: VTBR-3/36

The Sofamel VTBR-3/36 is a two-pole voltage detector that can be used to detect voltages from 3 to 36kV. It is designed for use in electrical installations where it is necessary to detect the presence of voltage.

The Sofamel VTBR-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector is a two-pole voltage detector (live line detector) with high impedance probes for MV networks and with optical signalling of voltage presence. The Sofamel VTBR-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector is for indoor use and works with no battery.

Sofamel VTBR-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector features

  • External checking device with battery included.
  • Supplied in a carrying bag to store and transport the equipment.
  • Manufactured according with IEC 61481 standard.
  • Range of use voltage: From 3 to 36 kV AC.
  • Optical indication via LED.
  • Frequency: 50 Hz.
  • For indoor use.

Sofamel VTBR-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector data sheet

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