Arc Flash Balaclavas

Anytime when there is a risk of arc flash occurring on the job, it is vital that you take steps to protect yourself or your employees. The large amount of heat produced by these unexpected electrical transmissions can cause serious burns, particularly on the completely exposed areas of the face and neck.

Substation Safety provides an array of personal protection equipment that is engineered to withstand the thermal effects of arc flash. Arc flash balaclavas are one of the most popular options that we carry, and we offer them at competitive prices to suit the needs of workers and companies alike.

As a safety solution, arc flash balaclavas are an excellent choice for many working environments. Unlike a helmet, a balaclava fits down over the head to cover the forehead, cheeks and chin. The protection extends downward to shield the neck from heat over a full 360 degrees. In addition, the front of the balaclava can be pulled up over the mouth and nose to provide even more protection for the face. The protective masks keep the eyes completely open.

Depending on the level of protection needed at your job site, the arc flash balaclavas can be worn on their own or underneath a protective hood. Our arc flash balaclavas are made in accordance with the latest safety standards to ensure reliability and full compliance with health and safety regulations.

These balaclavas are a part of our full range of head-to-toe PPE solutions. View our complete range of arc flash safety apparel and accessories, including Arc Flash Switching Suits, Arc Flash Coveralls, Arc Flash Shirts & Polo Shirts, Arc Flash Underwear, Helmets & Visors, Arc Flash Gloves and other Arc Flash Accessories at

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