Sofamel VTE-5/66-P, 5 to 66kV High Voltage Detector with Operating Pole

Sofamel VTE-5/36-P
SKU: VTE-5/66-P

The Sofamel VTE-5/66-P is a high voltage detector designed to provide safe and reliable operation. With an operating pole of 5 to 66kV, the VTE-5/66-P is capable of detecting high voltages quickly and accurately. Additionally, the unit features an LED indicator.

The Sofamel VTE-5/66-P Electronic Voltage Detector is an visual and audible electronic voltage detector operated by micro controller and direct contact detection. The Sofamel VTE-5/66-P Voltage Detector. Thanks to that built in dual indication system the unit guarantees a perfect safe checks even in conflicting electric field environments.

  • Rated voltage: 5 to 66 kV
  • Frequency: 50 Hz / 60 Hz
  • Supplied with carrying bag for pole and rigid plastic box to store & transport the voltage detector
  • Voltage presence is indicated by high luminosity red LED and high pitch accustic signal
  • Voltage absence is indicated by high luminosity green LED
  • Low battery is indicated by orange LED
  • Work temperature range: from -25°C to +55°C
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Manufactured to comply with IEC 61243 Standard

Sofamel VT-5/66-U Voltage Detector data sheet

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