CATU Voltage Detector with LEDs (10-30kV)

CATU Voltage Detector with LEDs 10-30kV
SKU: CL-4-10/30-2

This CATU voltage detector is a great choice for those working with 10-30kV systems. It features two LEDs that indicate the presence of voltage, and it has a wide operating range to ensure you can get the most accurate readings possible. Plus, it’s easy to use.

The CATU Compact Voltage Detector with LEDs (10-30kV) is a voltage detector, designed for indoor use. The CATU Compact Voltage Detector voltage presence is indicated by a high-brightness LEDs indicator, and features a built-in device for checking of the LED’s indicator by a piezotest generator.

CL-4-10/30-M * 10-30 kV 1.35m 1000g
CL-4-10/30-2 ** 10-30 kV 0.85m 1.26m 950g

* Delivered in vinyl sheath with wall brackets CI-06-D
** Delivered in canvas, waterproofed with ramp

We can also provide you with a Calibration Certificate for this product for €120. Please specify if you require this service when making your enquiry.

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