Sofamel VBD-3/36, 1 to 36kV Two Pole Voltage Detector

Sofamel VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector (OLED Screen)
SKU: VBD-3/36

The Sofamel VBD-3/36 is a two-pole voltage detector that can be used to measure voltages from 1 kV to 36 kV. It is a handheld device that is easy to use, and has a digital OLED screen that displays the voltage being measured It is also durable.

The Sofamel VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector is a two pole voltage detector to be used in MV netwoorks.  The Sofamel VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector features digital display OLED screen.

Sofamel VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector features

  • Internal and external use in dry environment.
  • Voltage range: from 1Kv to 36 Kv AC/DC.
  • Automatic start-up using detection of voltage.
  • Automatic disconnection after two minutes without detection, staying in stand-by situation.
  • It consumes less than 1µA on this position.
  • Indication of concordance-discordance by LED, by reading on digital display and by high pressure buzzer.
  • Removable antenna. 45° Angle antena (not incluided).
  • Battery: 9v battery, type 6LR61.

Sofamel Bipolar Voltage Detector with OLED screen

660105 VBD-3/36-50Hz 50 3 to 36
660110 VBD-3/36-60Hz 60 3 to 36

Sofamel VBD-3/36 Bipolar Voltage Detector data sheet

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