Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Indicator up to 15kV

Seaward KD1E-15D High Voltage Indicator

The Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Indicator is a device that is designed to measure and indicate the presence of high voltage. It has an operating voltage range of up to 15kV, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings. The indicator is easy to use, with an intuitive design.

The Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Detector is a digital HV potential indicator, used to indicate the presence of voltage or make voltage measurements on earthed neutral systems up to 15kV. The Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Detector potential indicator display is powered by an integral rechargeable battery and is supplied complete with battery charger and PH3 proving unit in a bespoke carrying case.

Seaward KD1E/15D High Voltage Detector is a robust, highly portable digital potential indicator, and provides a means of measuring voltage on earthed neutral electrical circuits.

Seaward High Voltage Indicator data sheet

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