HVPU-5P High Voltage Proving Unit


Safely Prove Operation of Low Voltage and High Voltage detectors during “Absence of Voltage” testing. Rechargeable unit with low energy outputs: 12V DC, 230V AC & 5,000V AC. Operates capacitive and resistive type High Voltage detectors, two pole & single pole. Also operates two-pole Low Voltage testers & non-contact voltage detectors.

The HVPU-5P Unit has come into existence due to the very high risk of electrocution or worse an arc flash event to operators when proving loss of voltage.

To prove loss of voltage on high voltage switchgear, you will normally have to defeat an interlock & remove or slid back a shutter to gain access to a known high voltage high energy source, with switchgear getting more & more complex & compact it is getting harder to gain access to an exposed section of busbar & it is putting the electricians at greater risk of electrocution, or worse an arc flash event with all the covers removed.

With the HVPU–5P, the electrician can get quick & safe access to a known high voltage low energy test point, to prove that their high voltage detectors are working correctly & not exposing the electricians to a potentially lethal high voltage high energy source while proving loss of voltage.

Once loss of voltage is proven at the work location the electricians can easily re prove that the voltage detector did not fail during the test with the HVPU-5P.


High Voltage AC Output 5KV AC at 50hz +- 15% (Depending on battery state of Charge)
Low Voltage AC Output 230V AC at 50hz +- 15% (Depending on battery state of Charge)
Low Voltage DC Output 12V DC +- 15% (Depending on battery state of Charge)
High Voltage Overload Trip 2m Amps +- 15%
Overload Trip Reset 10 Seconds
Auto Power Off 45 Seconds
Battery 12V DC Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Charging Time 4 Hrs
Accessories IEC Charging Lead, 1.5 Meters Crocodile lead for secondary Output
IEC Filter Fuse 3 Amps
Charging Lead Fuse 5 Amps
SKU Number HVPU-5P
Ip Rating Ip 65 When lid is closed

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Product Features

  • Can be used to prove many different types of voltage detectors from resistive type to capacitive type from single pole to double pole voltage detectors.
  • Very portable and can be used in the field to prove loss of voltage on overhead lines before earthing & short circuiting is applied.
  • Proves that your HV Detectors, internal voltage detecting circuit, is detecting real world voltage & you are not relying on the test button function.
  • Has an overload trip function, if the load is too great for the high voltage test point it will trip out and turn off all the outputs.
  • Battery operated and has a battery status to tell you the charge in the battery.
  • The HVPU-5P HV output can be locked off so a Senior authorized electrician can have access to the HV test point & authorized electricians can have access to the low voltage AC, DC outputs.
  • The HVPU-5P Peli case can be locked off, so you can have total control of all the outputs.
  • The HVPU-5P High voltage test point & low voltage AC, DC outputs are limited outputs.
  • Includes an in-built timer function which turns its self-off after 45 sec.
  • The HVPU-5P high voltage test point is energised to 5KV AC at 50hz & 230V AC is also at 50hz.
  • Can be used for proving your non-contact personnel voltage monitor e.g. would be the (HD electric v-watch) or (sofamel D-Tueri)
  • Can be used for proving your non-contact low voltage detector pen is detecting.

HVPU-5P High Voltage Proving UnitDATASHEET

For additional technical details about the HVPU-5P High Voltage Proving Unit please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.