CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit (25kV)

CATU Portable Life Saving Kit 25kV

CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit (25kV)

SKU: CZ-53-R

The CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit is a 25kV compact carrying rescue kit, specifically designed to be carried in a vehicle for safety electrical intervention.
The CATU CZ-53-R Portable Life Saving Kit is made of moulded material: PEHD in two-part- resulting in the red part of the case acting as an insulating platform.

CATU CZ-53-R Portable LIFE SAVING KIT contents

  • 1 telescopic insulating stick
  • 1 voltage detector with autotest, 1 rescue hook
  • 1 insulated cable cutter
  • 1 pair of insulating gloves
  • 1 pair of insulating boots
  • 1 talk can
  • 1 safety instructions & safety aid posters
  • 1 adhesive tape (black & yellow)
  • size: 710 x 570 x 240mm
  • weight: 18.5 kg

CATU CZ-53-R Rescue Kit data sheet

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