Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit

Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit

The Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit is designed to help you quickly and safely remove victims from dangerous situations. The kit includes an insulated wire cutter to help you cut through metal fences or cables, as well as a rescue pole to help you reach victims who are out of reach.

The Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit is a lifesaving kit that contains all the necessary rescue tools in a set and accessible place. The Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit is composed of a 0.9m x 1.6m board.

Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit contents

  • 1 BS-45 rescue pole
  • 1 metallic case for gloves
  • 1 pair of class 3 gloves
  • 1 SZ-57 insulated wire cutter
  • 1 pipette
  • 1 45 kV insulated stool
  • 1 jar of salts
  • 1 first aid board
  • 1 instruction board

Sofamel SZ51S Rescue Kit data sheet

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