CATU Angled Fixed Earthing Point

CATU Angled Fixed Earthing Point
SKU: MT-2950/35

A CATU angled fixed earthing point is perfect for situations where a traditional earthing point isn’t possible. The angled design makes it easy to install, and the fixed connection ensures a reliable connection. This earthing point is made of durable materials, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

The CATU Angled Fixed Earthing Point is used in short-circuiting and earthing systems (installations). The CATU Angled Fixed Earthing Point are NORMAFIX access points and clamps for placement on permanently installed fixed points.

CATU Angled Fixed Earthing Point features

  • Rating: 20 kA/1 s (IEC-61230)
  • Sphere dimensions: 20 mm (IEC-61230)
  • Fixing: Bolt: M 12 – L = 35 mm
  • Weight: 247g

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