CATU MT-841 Earthing Clamp

CATU MT-841 Earthing Clamp
SKU: MT-841

This earthing clamp is made of copper aluminium bronze and is very effective for earthing. It is easy to use and can be attached quickly to any conductor. This clamp is perfect for substations and MV installations and helps to ensure safety and security of a substation.

The CATU MT-841 Earthing Clamp is an earth clamp used for MV installations and substations. The CATU MT-841 Earthing Clamp is a copper aluminium bronze earth clamp, and earth cable connection by connector, lug, TO- system.

CATU MT-841 Earthing Clamp features

  • Rating: 20 kA/1 s
  • Dimensions: 40 x 73 x 135 mm
  • Connection: Fontenay connector ≤ 50 mm2
  • Clamp capacity: Ø 6 -25, 0 – 30
  • weight: 480g

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