Pfisterer Fixed Earthing Point - 20mm

Pfisterer Fixed Earthing Point - 20mm
SKU: 360 382 004

The Pfisterer fixed earthing point is an easy to use and install device that is perfect for connecting electrical systems to the earth. The earthing point has a 20mm diameter, making it suitable for most applications. It is made from sturdy galvanized steel, making it durable and long-lasting.

The Pfisterer Fixed Earthing Point (20mm) is a fixed earthing point which is characterised as ball pin, straight with outside thread. We supply the full range of PFISTERER earthing and line fixed points. with special line fixed points on request.

Maximum installation torque:

  • M10: 33 Nm
  • M12: 56 Nm
  • M16: 135 Nm

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