CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp

CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp

The CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp is a reliable and durable clamp that is perfect for earthing rail applications. It has a robust construction that makes it ideal for tough environments, and it features a wide opening for easy installation.

The CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp is the rail earthing clamp for the GTF rail (buried rail, streetcar). The CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp  is used for catenary, and is attached by manual tightening.

CATU ZETRT 035 Earthing Rail Clamp features

  • Body material: copper-aluminium
  • Clamping material: hardened steel 240 kg/mm
  • Connection: for cables fitted with screw terminal diameter of 12mm
  • Clamping capacities: Clamped by 1/4 turn lever, electrical contact is maintained by an excentric arm.
  • Clamps to neck of rail type 35 GTF, GPI 41, RI 59
  • Weight: 0.8kg
  • lcc: 8 kA/1 s
  • Dimensions: 115 x 63 x 40 mm

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