UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detector

SKU: UT2 20/29

EA Technology’s UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detector Kit detects both surface and internal discharge activity within medium voltage equipment.

The UltraTEV Detector is a hand held, dual sensor, Partial Discharge detector, which enables simple first pass identification of potentially damaging HV equipment faults and MV equipment faults before they become failures.

Partial discharge activity causes insulation material to deteriorate and eventually leads to failure of MV equipment. With the UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detector, surface discharge is detected using an ultrasonic sensor and internal discharge is detected using an electromagnetic sensor which can detect transient earth voltages or TEV’s. The kit is used by both technical and non-technical staff. All tests are carried out without the need for an outage.

The UltraTEV Detector is standard issue for many power asset owners because it is so efficient and simple to use therefore allowing you to quickly assess equipment status using a traffic light display.

The Benefits of using the UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detector are as follows

  • Easy to use with minimal training required
  • Rechargeable and Lightweight
  • Improves operator safety
  • Switchgear condition tested without the need for an outage
  • Switchgear can be quickly checked before a switching operation

The UltraTEV Partial Discharge Detector Kit Contents

  • Carry Case
  • 230Volt Charger
  • Prooving Unit
  • Manufacturers Calibration Certificate

EA Technology UltraTev Detector data sheet

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