CDC Cable Data Collector

CDC Cable Data Collector

The CDC Cable Data Collector is a device that collects data from cable providers. It is used to monitor the quality of service and track network performance. The data collected by the CDC Cable Data Collector can be used to improve the quality of service and resolve network issues.

Cable asset managers around the world have a very real need to understand the condition of their ageing Medium and High Voltage (MV/HV) assets. The CableData Collector™ (CDC) is designed to help in the management and, ultimately, the reliability of these cable networks.

The CableData Collector™ identifies and allows you to report on PD activity in LIVE MV/HV cable networks. This early identification helps to reduce the need for disruptive maintenance outages, by highlighting high risk areas in ample time for repairs and replacements to be made.

  • Detects and measures PD activity in single and 3 phase cables
  • Works with all insulated cable types
  • Expert cable condition analysis and reporting service
  • Training available for analysis software purchasers
  • Small, robust, portable and easy to use

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