Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector

Sofamel DC Voltage Detector with AC Induced Voltage Indication

The Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector is used to detect the presence of direct current (DC) voltage on railway tracks. It is an essential tool for railway workers, as it helps them to avoid potential electric shocks when working on or near the tracks.

The Sofamel VT-OAD DC Voltage Detector is a railway live line detector with AC Induced Voltage Indication. The Sofamel VT-OAD DC Voltage Detector has a voltage range of DC voltage 500 V to 5.000 V and operating temperature of -25°C to 55°C. The Sofamel VT-OA DC Railway Voltage Detector features a full self-checking system with automatic disconnection after two minutes without detection.

Sofamel VT-OAD DC Railway Voltage Detector features

  • Voltage range of DC voltage 500 V to 5.000 V
  • Humidity Range: 20 to 96 %.
  • Indication of alert status: High luminosity green LED.
  • Optical indication: High luminosity red LED in threshold 1. High luminosity red+orange LED in threshold 2.
  • Acoustic indication: Different frequency high pressure acoustic buzzer for each threshold.
  • Battery: 9v battery, type 6LR61.
  • Earthing cable: Extra flexible cable with silicon sheath and 6m long (possibility of other lengths at customer’s request).
  • Required insulation pole:With universal head (not included).
  • Automatic start-up:Automatic start-up system using detection of voltage (approx. 500 V DC).
  • Electrode: Possibility of exchanging electrode.
  • Threshold voltage:Threshold 1 – From 500 to 1.000 V. Threshold 2 – From 1.000 to 2.000 V.

Sofamel VT-OAD DC Voltage Detector data sheet

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