Arc Flash Visor 12 cal/cm²

Arc Rated Helmet & Visor
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Arc Flash Visor – arc rated at 12 cal/cm² or 25 cal/cm². Kit to protect the face and head against thermal effects from Arc Flash. Designed for use in conjunction with a suitable slotted hard hat. Dielectric and resistant to high temperatures. The visor comes with a chin protector for added protection of the neck and chin.

Complete with dielectric hard hat and chinstrap.

Arc Rated Visor 12 cal/cm² – Kit for face and head protection against thermal effects from arc flash, to be used with suitable slotted hard hats.

Consisting of three components: face shield with ATPV 12 cal/cm² arc rating, dielectric cap bracket and chin protector. Optional: Dielectric hard hat,sold separately.

Product Information

Colour: Light enhancing green visor, maximizes visibility

Sizes: One size fits all

Material: Face shield (ArcShield®): Plastic/Chemical alloy (patented), Visible Light Transmittance (VLT): 70%. Chin protector and slotted cap bracket: Material: Nylon. Dielectric and high temperature resistant.

Standard: NFPA 70E-2004; ASTM F2178-10.2 cal/cm², HRC2; ANSI Z87.1Spes Application, EN166 :2002; EN170 Markings:2-1,4 PMC 1 B; 8 CE and 2-1, 4 PMC 1 B 8 DIN; ANSI Z87.1

Application: Protection for electrical workers up to HRC 2.

Arc Rated Visor Features

  • Face shield: This product maximises the ATPV of 12 cal/m² with a light-enhancing colour providing excellent field of view and ergonomic assembly that is convenient for the worker.
  • Chin protector: Provides additional protection at the chin and neck areas.
  • Bracket: Fits suitable slotted helmets

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Arc Flash Visor 12 cal/cm²DATASHEET

For additional technical details about the Arc Flash Visor 12 cal/cm² please refer to the product datasheet. Please note that you would need PDF reader to open the file.