Sofamel Manoeuvring and Rescue Kit

SKU: KRM-4001

Supplied in a convenient plastic box the Sofamel Manoeuvring and Rescue Kit is designed to be used in all types of electrical emergencies where the risk of electrical shock exists.

The contents of the kit

  • 1.5 m telescopic pole combined of three sections
  • optical and audible detector with detection range from 5 to 36 kV
  • detector bag
  • rescue hook with universal head
  • dielectric SG-40 T10 gloves with a nylon storage bag
  • AD4-0610/40C insulating mat (60 cm x 1 m), working voltage 36 kV
  • respiration pipette
  • neck immobilizer
  • SZ-180 fire resistant blanket (1.2 x 1.8 m)
  • stretcher

Sofamel Manoeuvring and Rescue Kit Data Sheet

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