Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole

Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole

The Sofamel BSC-A55 connectable insulating pole is a great option for those who need an easily deployable and durable insulation solution. With its 39mm diameter, the pole can be used for a variety of applications, and with its connectable design, it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

The Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole is an operating rod to IEC 60855 and UNE 204003 standards.  The Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole has connectable sections, made of polyester and fibreglass tube (39 mm diameter) and polyurethane foam-filled.

Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole features

  • Extended length: 5 meters
  • Composed of 2 section of 2 m each
  • Working voltage: 220 kV
  • For INDOOR and OUTDOOR use (Humid environment)
  • Head: U (Universal), B (Bayonet)
  • Includes a carrying bag

Sofamel BSC-A55 Connectable Insulating Pole data sheet

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