Pfisterer P1 Earthing Clamps

Pfisterer P1 Earthing Clamp
SKU: 364 904 001

Pfisterer P1 Earthing Clamps are the latest earthing clamps from Pfisterer. They have been designed for use with the Pfisterer earthing system, and provide a fast and easy way to earth your equipment. They are easy to install.

Pfisterer P1 Earthing Clamps clamp connect the earthing cable to the connection point of the earthing system. The maximum short-circuit currents (Ik /1s) must match for the earthing and short-circuiting cables as well as for the clamps.

Pfisterer P1 Earthing Clamps features:

  • Max cross section: 120mm2
  • Max short-circuit current: 23.7 lk 1 s (kA)
  • Clamping range: 4mm – 20mm
  • Clamping width: 48mm
  • weight: 382g

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