CATU Overgloves

CATU Overgloves
SKU: CG-98-(*)

CATU Overgloves are the perfect addition to your safety gear arsenal! Made of durable silicon grain leather, CATU Overgloves provide an extra layer of protection in the event of an electric arc. The gloves are also flame retardant and have a high dielectric strength, making them ideal for use in electrical work.

CATU Overgloves are insulating overgloves that provide mechanical and electric arc protection. CATU Overgloves are made from silicon grain leather and as a result the product yields great flexibility. CATU Overgloves feature large protective cuffs in chrome tanned hide.

CG-98-(*) A = 8 160
CG-98-(*) B = 9 160
CG-98-(*) C = 10 160
CG-98-(*) D = 11 160
CG-98-(*) C = 10 200
CG-99-(*) D = 11 200
CG-99-(*) E = 12 200

(*) References to be completed by size A, B, C or D.
See the conversion table page 21 for the correct size based on the insulated glove.

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