CATU CL-8-36, 2 to 36kV Two-pole Phase Comparator

CATU CL-8-36 Two-pole Phase Comparator Indoor|CATU CL-8-36 Two-pole Phase Comparator Indoor
SKU: CL-8-36

The CATU CL-8-36 is a two-pole phase comparator that is designed for indoor use. It can be used to detect the presence of voltage or current in two circuits and to compare their phase angles. This allows you to quickly and easily identify any issues with your electrical system.

The CATU CL-8-36 Two-pole Phase Comparator is a bi-polar phase comparator for indoor use. The CATU CL-8-36 Two-pole Phase Comparator detects differences in voltage between any two points of an installation indicated by LED’s.

CATU CL-8-36 Two-pole Phase Comparator features

  • Operating voltage: 2 to 36 kV
  • Assembled aerial: 1.25m
  • Dismantled aerial: 0.62m
  • Transport case included
  • Weight: 1100g

We can also provide you with a Calibration Certificate for this product for €120. Please specify if you require this service when making your enquiry.

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