Sofamel Two Section Manually Extendable Ladder

Sofamel ES/E Extandable Ladder
SKU: 5200**

If you’re looking for a ladder that can be easily extended to different heights, the Sofamel Two Section Manually Extendable Ladder is a great option. It’s also lightweight and easy to transport, so you can take it with you wherever you need it. Plus, the two-section design makes it easy to adjust the ladder to the perfect height.

The all new Sofamel Two Section Manually Extendable Ladder is a perfect solution for electricians working at heights; the extendability allows to work nearly twice as high as with standard ladder. Yet when folded the ladder is easier to carry and store. Made of fiberglass and aluminium, the ladder complies with EN 131 norm and is capable of withstanding 30,000 V.

520000 EF/E-3006 1880 3000 450 2×6 14
520010 EF/E-4108 2440 4120 450 2×8 17
520020 EF/E-5010 3000 4960 450 2×10 21
520030 EF/E-6012 3560 6080 450 2×12 24
520040 EF/E-7014 4120 7200 450 2×14 27

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