Sofamel Insulating Stepladder

Sofamel Insulating Stepladder
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When it comes to insulation, you want the best of the best. That’s why Sofamel Insulating Stepladders are such a great choice. They’re made with premium-quality materials that provide superior insulation, so you can be sure your ladder is safe and reliable.

The Sofamel Insulating Stepladder is a insulated ladder that features struts made of
fiberglass and rungs of aluminium. The Sofamel Stepladder meets EN 131 standard. The insulation between rungs is 30.000 V. Please refer to our table below for the different stepladders available and note the product reference required when sending an enquiry.

505100 COMPACT 1,39/0,68 m 1,39m 3 5.9kg
505110 COMPACT 1,64/0,91 m 1,64m 4 6.9kg
505120 COMPACT 1,89/1,14 m 1,89m 5 8,0kg
505130 COMPACT 2,14/1,37 m 2,14m 6 9.4kg
5505140 COMPACT 2,39/1,60 m 2,39m 7 11kg

Sofamel Insulating Stepladder data sheet

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