Sofamel Sgm-50 Insulated Composite Gloves – 61.0 Cal/cm²

Sofamel Insulating Composite Gloves

The Sofamel SGM-50 T10 dielectric gloves enable wearers to work in total safety without the need for over gloves. The material used allows the gloves much more dexterity despite the gloves being relatively thick. The composite outer layer offers exceptional grip in all weather conditions. The gloves also conform to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 Standards.

Sofamel Insulating Composite Gloves are protective gloves allow the wearer to complete their work in total safety.


  • Available sizes: 9, 10
  • Class: 0, Insulating Properties ATPV 61.0 cal/cm²
  • Length: 360mm
  • Categories: R, C
  • Maximum Proof Test Voltage of 5000A AC
  • Working Voltage: 1000V AC
  • Withstand Voltage Maximum of 10000V AC
  • Supreme Grip Finishing on palm and fingers
  • Chlorinated Inside Finishing
  • Average tensile strength: 16 MPa
  • Average elongation at break: 600%
  • Tension set: 15%
  • Extensively tested for resistance to cutting, abrasion, tearing, penetration and low temperatures

Meaning of letters in ‘Categories’: A: Acid / Z: Ozone / H: Oil / C: Very low temperature / R: A+Z+H resistance.
Available in sizes 9 and 10. Please state size 
required when ordering.

Available colours: Orange

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