Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole 2.25m 66kV

Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole
SKU: BS-66

The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole 2.25m 66kV is perfect for quickly and safely rescuing people who have come into contact with high voltage power lines. The pole is easy to handle and extends to a full length of 2.25 metres, giving you enough reach to safely remove someone from a dangerous situation.

The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole is a rescue rod with only one section, made of polyester and fibreglass tube with 32 mm diameter. The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole is used to remove the casualty from the danger area in rescue operations. The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole boasts a total length of 2,25 meters and a working voltage of 66kV.

 Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole features

  • Humidity-proof seals on each end
  • hand protector
  • grip
  • tip
  • M-10 metric head
  • rescue hook
  • Total length of 2,25 meters
  • Working voltage: 66 kV

Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Poledata sheet

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