Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole 2.25m 66kV

Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole

Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole 2.25m 66kV

SKU: BS-66

The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole is a rescue rod with only one section, made of polyester and fibreglass tube with 32 mm diameter. The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole is used to remove the casualty from the danger area in rescue operations. The Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole boasts a total length of 2,25 meters and a working voltage of 66kV.

 Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Pole features

  • Humidity-proof seals on each end
  • hand protector
  • grip
  • tip
  • M-10 metric head
  • rescue hook
  • Total length of 2,25 meters
  • Working voltage: 66 kV

Sofamel BS-66 Rescue Poledata sheet

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