Partial Discharge Survey

Partial Discharge Survey
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The partial discharge survey is a key part of any electrical maintenance program. By identifying and addressing areas with potential electrical problems, you can help prevent failures and costly repairs. A partial discharge survey involves using specialized equipment to detect and locate areas where electricity is escaping from the electrical system.

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd is Ireland’s leading provider of Partial Discharge Testing Service. With significant experience in working on Medium & High Voltage equipment , we have carried out Partial Discharge Surveys for some of Ireland’s leading companies for the past 10 years.

We offer this service using the latest in technology in association with EA Technology. We use the UltraTEV technique which is a pragmatic and safe solution for finding and measuring partial discharge without taking the equipment out of service or making any connections, removing covers or spending an inordinate amount of time performing a survey.

If you require further information on this service please view our latest article on Partial Discharge Testingemail us with your query or phone us on 057 866 2162.

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