FlexiBarrier Belt Stanchion - Outdoor 1050 - (10.6m belt)

FlexiBarrier belt stanchion outdoor 1050
SKU: OD1050

This belt stanchion is perfect for use at events or in busy areas where you need to control the flow of people. It is made from heavy-duty steel and has a 1050mm belt that is 10.6m long. This belt stanchion is easy to assemble and can be quickly moved around when needed.

This is designed for creating long straight barriers. Outdoor 1050 model’s 10.6m belt requires just a quarter the number of barriers needed with the industry standard 2.3m belt. Fewer posts means lower purchase cost, faster set up times and requires less space for transport and storage. Outdoor 1050 is fully outdoors capable and features our rugged recycled rubber base.

FlexiBarrier Outdoor 1050 stands on a durable rubber base with a handle that makes it easy to move around. Each post is equipped with a receiver that makes it possible to attach an incoming belt from every direction.
What You Get:

1x Rubber base,
1x Steel Post,
1x Fastening bolt to attach base to post,
1x Integrated retractable belt- length 10.6 meter,
1x Universal Belt End (to connect your belt to next post)

  • Extremely long barrier belt – 10,6 meters!
  • Durable rubber base with a handle that makes the post easy
    to move around.
  • Available in Yellow-Black or Red-White.
  • Cheap in the long run, fewer posts needed
  • Can also be used outdoors.
  • Allows you to fast and easily create a safe workspace