Substation Safety Equipment, Switchroom Safety & Electrical Safety

Substation Safety Equipment, Switchroom Safety & Electrical Safety Solutions

Powerpoint Engineering Ltd are the experts in the supply of Substation Safety Equipment (switchroom safety & electrical safety). We also offer comprehensive Substation Safety Audits, allowing our clients to instantly verify the electrical safety of electrical substations and staff.

We supply a broad range of Substation Safety Equipment- including insulating matting, insulated gloves, lifesaving kits & rescue rods, voltage detectors, Arc Flash Clothing, protective gear and much more.


Powerpoint Engineering Ltd are fully registered as a Level 3 Supplier with Achilles.

Insulated Matting Arc Flash Protection Voltage Detectors

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Substation Safety Audit

Our expert engineering team can carry out a site visit free of charge to survey electrical switchrooms & substations for electrical substation safety equipment requirements. We are happy to make recommendations for appropriate electrical safety equipment at each switchroom location.

Insulated Gloves & Accessories

We supply insulated gloves (also known as insulating gloves or dielectric gloves) from CLASS 00 to CLASS 4, along with all corresponding accessories such as overgloves, inner mittens and mechanical protection gloves. We also supply composite gloves, which allow workers to work in total safety without leather over-gloves.

Insulated Matting

Insulating matting are also known as dielectric carpets, and are used to protect people and parts of electrical equipment used in switchboards, transformers and other high voltage workplaces. We supply both Class 3 and Class 4 insulated matting, along with insulating matting bags.

Insulated Ladders

Choose from our range of insulated ladders from leading manufacturers Sofamel and CATU. We supply both single and double rung insulating stepladders that comply with EN 131 safety standards.

Rescue Rods & Life Saving Kits

We supply the full ranges of rescue rods and rescue sticks from leading manufacturers Sofamel and CATU. Our lifesaving kits can be purchased as wall-mounted or portable rescue kits.

Earthing & Short Circuiting Kits

Choose from our range of Portable Earthing KitsRailway Earthing Kits and customised short-circuiting and earthing systems for MV substations. We also supply a broad range of earthing clamps & fittings to suit every need.

Operating Rods & Accessories

Our range of insulating sticks (also known as insulating poles) are supplied in various formats, ranging from basic insulating poles, to intermediate insulating sticks to terminal insulating sticks. Also choose from telescopic insulating sticks and connectable insulating poles from leading manufacturers Sofamel and CATU.

Voltage Detectors

We supply voltage detectors for both indoor and outdoors use. Choose from voltage detectors up to 36kV, voltage detectors above 36kV, two pole voltage detectors and railway voltage detectors.

Face Shields, Visors & Helmets

Choose from our range of protective face shields, facial visors and protective helmets made from the latest in personal protection materials and technology. We also supply safety glasses with clear lenses, that offer protection against UV radiation and ejections of solid particles.

Arc Flash Protection

Our range of Arc Flash Clothing and Arc Flash protective equipment provides protection against arc flash that can occur during activities like switchgear failure. Choose from ArcFlash  protective hood kits, Arc Flash coverall kits and Arcflash face shield kits and more.